A Snowy Sunday


You can just barely see the tiny leaf buds forming on this Elm tree

This is my world.  Snow covered sidewalks, and a hazy sky, with a sun that almost passes for an early moon.  I could choose to hunker down under a duvet with my current reading choice, ‘Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel’ (the pups warming my toes that are chilled, even though, I am wearing thick wool socks) but, this weather system has changed my typical, childless weekend plans.

My children, are home, for the first time in six weekends. My house is alive with the sound of sibling battles, crummy kitchen counters and raucous indoor tug of war games, played with the pups.  The estranged one couldn’t make it back to town on the icy highways. Accidents stopping vehicles, in lengthy kilometre long jams, for those who decided, that they must get back to the city, as though in their rush, they could beat the oncoming storm.


Yet, this storm has not bothered me in the way that it would’ve in earlier years.  I have little conflict to labour through in my life currently.  It is not to say that I have no pressing life challenges- it’s just that my anxiety over which direction my life will take, has for the moment, somewhat abated.

My middle child, who has Autism, has had some difficulty in adjusting to this weather.  He is mostly distressed, that his plan to put away his winter coat for the year, (as spring is set to arrive next week by calendar, anyway) has been thwarted by this fresh dump of snow.  He has railed over the logic of snow in the spring. By his account, the below seasonal temperatures are signaling something sinister.  He has read the Farmer’s Almanac in a way that would suggest, he will be tested on his knowledge of its contents.  He is also lamenting over the cool and dry summer that our region is predicted to have. Only this morning, did he finally concede, that the snow will eventually melt, and that Global Warming will not turn our region into an ice-covered mass. Thankfully, he has yet to take up reading scientific papers on the subject, as I fear that his anxiety over predicted cooling trends, would cause his obsession with weather to go haywire.

This morning, my youngest child and I,  pulled on our winters warmest clothing; snow-pants, toques and all- and went for a walk.  With the freshly covered snow (nearly 20 cm, or 8 inches, for my American readers) blanketing the ground- which only a few days ago, was starting to lay naked, in brownish grass- things seem strangely, to have freshened up.  The advantage to this snow, is that my yard, again, looks clean.  I no longer have to be bothered by the need to keep up my annual, post snow, dog poop clean up (until next week anyways).  This is the respite that Mother Nature sometimes gifts us Northerners with.

We returned home with rosy cheeks, snow filled boots and a fresh perspective.  I have just set the oven to pre-heat and am planning on making some comfort food for dinner. The kids are sitting by the fireplace, contemplating a movie choice; with only occasional rows erupting over who gets to take the prime hot spot.

Life is quiet right now, and that is okay – I kind of enjoy it.  There can be many blessings in a late winter storm.