In appreciation of the world’s talented youth.

I attempted my first reblog, and all tech hell broke loose. So, I am reposting this as a video link, with all video credits to, 11 seconds before the rain blog by Anibogh.

There is a sacred space that I can only enter, early in the morning, when the house is still sleeping. Before the children need to be rushed out the door to school. Before the dogs stir at the foot of my bed, demanding to be let outside, after a brief stretch and yawn.

Most mornings, I take a coffee mug up to the computer and read through blogs before working on some writing.  This morning, I happened upon this blog.

With fat flakes of snow continuing to fall outside my window, I felt compelled to stretch my morning ritual out just a little longer, before beginning the busier parts of my day. I watched some of Anibogh’s videos, which felt perfectly attuned to my desire to see the world from a fresh perspective–as if we let it, our worlds can shrink down to their most basic elements and we can forget that lives exist outside our towns, cities, and countries of origin.

To see the world through Anibogh’s eyes, is to see a world filled with possibility and wonder. She engages her viewers in short, encapsulated journeys, that leave one with the feeling of going somewhere, without actually needing to leave the comfort of their own space. I was entranced. And, as with anything that I find, that nudges a space open, to better assess the part of me that is always seeking; I indulged on this young woman’s blog.

There is something beautiful to be said about aging. I am coming to this realization, slowly and steadily. I have far more appreciation for the view of the world, that only a young, talented woman can see through her fresh eyes. I can admit, that there was a time in my life, when I would’ve watched this young woman’s art and thought, why couldn’t I have accessed the creative part of me, when I was her age- why did I waste so much time? I may have even resented her talent as I was likely creating nothing of my own.

It is only in the last few years, that I have attached true value to what I am doing. My life has been smaller than some, as I have been occupied with the nurture of my children.

As a young girl, I often dreamt of traveling extensively, while absorbing language and culture, in the way that only a young person can. When one day, I am able to travel more, I will see things with the eyes of a middle aged woman. This idea, (that I may be of the fifty- something set, before I make my way to far flung destinations) use to really bother me. It doesn’t now. My appreciation will not be any less when I am older, my eyes will still need to see sights that steal my breath and nourish that seeking space.

Until then, I am quite happy to access the world through those who can see all that I have not. Until then, I can dream…..

5 thoughts on “In appreciation of the world’s talented youth.

  1. I am so honored and flattered from your words… thank you so much. I have grown fond of your blog as well, and even though I am very picky on what kind of blogs to follow, I didn’t even doubt that I am going to be one of your curious followers… And about travel and creativity – it is never ever late to do that. Never. My grandfather always dreamed of being an artist, but he didn’t paint until he hit his 70 years. Thank you once again for this beautiful post about my blog. Bless you, your family and your journey…
    Love, Ani

    • Ani, you are quite gifted. The eye that you have is not something that one can exclusively develop, you have an innate gift, coupled with a seeming enthusiasm for humankind and the world at large. Sorry for my botched reblog, apparently, I am not as savvy with WordPress as what I had thought. I reposted with a full link and credit applied to you; un artiste exceptionnel.

      My grandmother also started painting when she was 70. She had initially tried to fob an art lesson gift-card off on me–I had insisted that she go and give it a try. My house is now a showcase for her beautiful artwork, in differing mediums (she is adventurous).
      I’ll make it around the world at some point- even if I am wearing support hosiery and using a cane…likely it’ll be before then:)

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