A vicarious offering.

This stunning piece by Tanya Davis is perfect in its simplicity. I have grappled with, “translating the essence of my thoughts..” over these long winter months. More often than not, I avoid the now waning voice inside my head that is pleading with me to sit and be with my feelings, my thoughts, my words.
Rather than let this blog die out – as a small part of me would allow it to do- I am posting someone else’s words.

I hope that you can take as much comfort in them as I do.


2 thoughts on “A vicarious offering.

    • Isn’t Tanya Davis marvelous?

      I have attempted many of the lone activities that she suggests in her poem.
      Some of them many years ago- with special attention to the ‘dancing alone’ portion of this piece.

      Although, I had always assumed that people were watching me while I moved. It was one of the reasons that I would dance alone back then (ahh, the ego of a woman just in to her twenties; there is nothing yet in life to mar the belief that you are the centre of the universe). That, and the fact that my estranged partner wasn’t very interested in ‘cutting the rug’ with me. So, I either danced alone, or not at all.

      You have, possibly made my week, with your kind words. Truly. Thank-you for stopping in.

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